USA Video Creation Services

“We are not just about Videos… We are marketers!”   

… Mathias, President

At USA Video Creation, our aim is simple… that is to give you great videos that will market, advertise and favorably present all aspects of your business! Whether you have a local “service” type of business or a product/service that can be sold nationwide or internationally, we can help! Click on the various videos that you see on the main page of this site and that will give you just a few ideas for the types of videos that we can create to help your business grow in ways that you may not have even imagined yet.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 people online right now are people watching videos? You and your business do not want to be left behind on this important media and marketing trend. There are many different ways that our videos can help you in your business. We can create branding and awareness videos, product explanation videos, service highlight & geo-location videos and general all-purpose business videos that can attract the audiences that you need! All companies need a good mix of great videos to promote and grow their business! Let us help you with that!

The general length of our videos starts at about 1 minute in length. We can also do much longer videos too. It all depends on what you may need. Our years of marketing experience and our professional video creation skills will really shine to help you showcase your company, and its products and services in the best possible light! The videos we create for you can be used for all aspects of promotion on the internet, these include: linking to videos on your website or business directory page, Facebook posts and advertising, Youtube click-thru advertising, Twitter, Snap Chat, Redditt, Linkedin and all of the many other places where you may want to have a simple and effective presentation about your company and/or it’s products and services.

25% of people lose interest in a product or company if they don’t have a video. Additionally, 75% of local businesses who use video see a positive impact on their business. 4X as many people prefer to watch a video about a product / company or service before doing business with them.

Here is What You Get From USA Video Creation:  

Starter Level
Stunning, professional videos, approximately 1 minute in length (For slightly longer videos add extra $100.)
Videos highlight your company and/or its products and/or services.
Provide us with any specific photos or text.
Give us a general message that you want to convey to your audience
Professional marketers, located right here in the USA.
Decades of business and marketing experience that we put to work for you.
We will create the best version of your company and it’s products.
Next Gen Level
We do multiple videos or a series of 3 videos for your business, company, and it’s products and/or services.
More videos we do for your business the better we are able to niche into the audience that you may want to reach.
Each video crafted to speak to a different audience/customer level for your business
Strategic marketing approach that gives you the power to scale your business faster.
Talk to us about growing your business through this video creation and marketing service
3 PR Level
If you already have a video that you want to elevate to Elite status in the search engines than we are here.
our highly specialized and unique press release service, then use this “3 PR” extra service option to order just the 3 specialized keyword driven press releases to be written and distributed that promote your existing video.
Strategic marketing approach that gives you the power to scale your business faster.
Talk to us about growing your business through this video creation and marketing service
“Add Length” service option for more than 1 min video to order that in addition to the video creation options that you choose. Price will be 100$ extra for this.