Video Marketing, Promotion & Ranking

effective Video Marketing & Promotion Service that gets your videos top rankings!

After you have your professional new video created,  you will want to have this stunning new video to be seen by the right audiences that can become your customers. That means that you will want your video to be ranked in the highest and best possible positions to reach those audiences that your business best serves. You can buy straight views of your video if you want, but that is usually not the best way to build your sales for the long term. What you really need to do is to get the word out to the right audiences that will leverage your brand and company in a dynamic way now and for the long term. The best way to do that is through higher search engine rankings and positions for your important keywords and phrases that people are searching for at the time they are looking for your type of products and/or services. The very best way to do this is through effective and professional press releases written and distributed to the media and news centers. A well-crafted press release can go a long way toward growing your business. A professional press release must be newsworthy, well written and then properly distributed into the right hands.

We have a terriffic way to get your videos ranked in the highest and best places on the internet for your business to succeed! That is… We do professional press releases for your business that will link to your new video(s) using specialized keywords that will get your new video ranked. The beautiful thing is that where the videos don’t get ranked your press releases WILL be ranked – so often times you get “several” of the top 10 lostings for those important keywords that you need to reach for your business success. This is very effective online marketing that can make your company prosperous and you wealthy!

We have experienced trained professional writers and editors that will craft a terrific press release on your behalf. You will get to read the PR and approve it before sending it out. After receiving your approval, your PR will be distributed to over 80 major news and media distribution centers. You will get a full report of the news sites that carry your press release content. You will see your PR news story hosted and linking to your website from places like ABC, CBS, FOX News and NBC news as well as many other media centers.

Not sure you have something newsworthy? Don’t worry, we are skilled professional marketers and have been doing this sort of thing for many years. If we can get press and media coverage for a simple “remote control” device, then we can get press and media coverage for your business! Our professional writers will develop a marketing angle for your business that is newsworthy and will get press coverage. Let us do what we do best. Our staff of professionals are very well experienced with this process.

3 PR Level
TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE: $1995. Your cost only $799.
Press and media campaigns can run anywhere from $385.00 up to $1,500. and more for one PR campaign
We can get the job done for you for much less
Professionally written and distributed to all the important media centers on the web
Links that will bring customers and “Page Ranking” back to your video and company website to help them rank higher in the search engines